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Early Dawn Horse Auction – One of Too Many

The numerous long drives over the past two years were wearing him down.
Many Bears had taught his daughter all he knew about the dozen or so
characteristics of a good pony; now without a worry, he chose to nap in the
truck while his daughter inspected any horses for sale.

Today, after twelve seasons of saving her money, and looking at countless
bunches of half-wild horses all over the state, in all kinds of weather,
Little Rising Hawk stood before her father with confident resolve. She told
him calmly that here in the first corral, she had found a little dun mare waiting
quietly with its black outlined ears up and eyes bright.

“Does this horse bear the markings?” Many Bears asked under his breath as
they neared the crowd of buyers.

The girl whispered, “The mare is striped on the insides of her knees, you will
see the bars as bold as the hawk feather in my hatband. Also, the mare saw
me before I saw her – just like in my dream!” Little Rising Hawk reminded him.

Hiding their excitement, Many Bears and Rising Hawk walked casually over
to get a bidder’s number.

Anxiety caused Rising Hawk to pout and regard the other buyers as potential
enemies in the unavoidable bidding war to come. Suddenly she remembered
that she was wearing her grandmother’s lucky earrings. Using both hands she
checked them and smiled gratefully to herself – her confidence restored.
Many Bears smiled slightly too because he knew the earrings may have helped
to find the mustang, but only the emergency cash in his pocket would completely
secure Little Rising Hawk’s dream horse.

-- Painting coming soon!